Randle Highlands Elementary School
"Where Excellence is Expected"
We love our hornets! 
Meet The Team
  1. Phillips@mail.com
    Kristie Edwards (kristie.edwards@dc.gov)
  2. Phillips@mail.com
    Danielle Battle (danielle.battle@dc.gov)
    Assistant Principal
  3. Phillips@mail.com
    Kimberly Vines (kimberly.jackson2@dc.gov)
    Manager of Logistics and Strategies/MSL
  4. Phillips@mail.com
    Pamela Jones (pamela.jones2@dc.gov)
    Administrative Assistant/Registrar
  5. Phillips@mail.com
    Justin Cannon (justin.cannon@dc.gov)
    Attendance Counselor
  6. Phillips@mail.com
    Elisha Green (elisha.green@dc.gov)
  7. Phillips@mail.com
    Lionel Jenkins (Mr. Chico) (lionel.jenkins@dc.gov)
    Evening Supervisor/Facilities Concierge
  8. Phillips@mail.com
    Darnell Mack (darnell.mack2@dc.gov)
    Facilities Concierge
  9. Phillips@mail.com
    Marcus Dunbar (marcus.dunbar@dc.gov)
    Facilities Concierge
  10. Phillips@mail.com
    Lauren Void (lauren.void@dc.gov)
    ISS Coordinator
  11. Phillips@mail.com
    Brenda Clark (brenda.clark2@dc.gov)
  12. Phillips@mail.com
    Chantise Hawkins (chantise.hawkins@dc.gov)
    Pre-K 3 Teacher
  13. Phillips@mail.com
    Charlotte Tate-Dorsey
    Prek 3 Educational Aide (Hawkins)
  14. Phillips@mail.com
    Jazzmyne Townsend
    Pre-K 3 Teacher/ECE LEAP coach
  15. Phillips@mail.com
    Cozette Parker (cozette.parker@dc.gov)
    Prek-3 Educational Aide/Townsend
  16. Phillips@mail.com
    Quida Nelson (quida.nelson@dc.gov)
    PreK-4 Teacher
  17. Phillips@mail.com
    Chantay Mosley (chantay.mosley@dc.gov)
    PreK-4 Educational Aide/Nelson
  18. Phillips@mail.com
    Shane Smith (shane.smith@dc.gov)
    PreK-3 & 4 Teacher
  19. Phillips@mail.com
    Doris Middleton-Martin
    PreK 3 &4 Educational Aide/Smith
  20. Phillips@mail.com
    Tresa Beale-Davis (tresa.beale-davis@dc.gov)
    PreK 4 Teacher/ Department Chair
  21. Phillips@mail.com
    Tracey Williams (tracey.williams@dc.gov)
    PreK 4 Educational Aide
  22. Phillips@mail.com
    Kyra Dolison (kyra.dolison@dc.gov)
    Kindergarten Teacher
  23. Phillips@mail.com
    Janeria Orr (janeria.orr@dc.gov)
    Kindergarten Educational Aide/Urban Residency
  24. Phillips@mail.com
    Tinisha Elie
    Kindergarten Teacher
  25. Phillips@mail.com
    Chiquita Paige (chiquita.paige@dc.gov)
    Kindergarten Educational Aide
  26. Phillips@mail.com
    Anhela St. Hill
    1st grade reading teacher
  27. Phillips@mail.com
    Tiffany Savage (tiffany.thompson@dc.gov)
    1st Grade Educational Aide
  28. Phillips@mail.com
    Allen Richardson (allen.richardson@dc.gov)
    1st grade math teacher
  29. Phillips@mail.com
    Darrell Smith (darrell.smith2@dc.gov)
    2nd grade reading teacher
  30. Phillips@mail.com
    Curtis Jones (curtis.jones@dc.gov)
    2nd grade math teacher
  31. Phillips@mail.com
    Tiffany Frizzell (tiffany.frizzell@dc.gov)
    3rd/4th grade reading teacher
  32. Phillips@mail.com
    Crystal Wilson (crystal.wilson@dc.gov)
    3rd/4th grade math teacher
  33. Phillips@mail.com
    Winfred Thomas (winfred.thomas@dc.gov)
    4th / 5th grade math teacher
  34. Phillips@mail.com
    Jenee Williams (jenee.williams@dc.gov)
    4th/5th grade reading teacher
  35. Phillips@mail.com
    Ashley Delaney (ashley.delaney@dc.gov)
    3rd-5th Educational Aide
  36. Phillips@mail.com
    Gelynn Thompson-Moore (gelynn.thompson@dc.gov)
    Special Education teacher Prek-1/LEA
  37. Phillips@mail.com
    Regan Harris (regan.harris@dc.gov)
    4th/5th Special Education teacher/LEA
  38. Phillips@mail.com
    Sabrina Hayden (sabrina.hayden@dc.gov)
    2nd/3rd Special Education Aide
  39. Phillips@mail.com
    Dr. Denise White-Jennings (denise.jennings@dc.gov)
    School Pychologist
  40. Phillips@mail.com
    Milea Pickett (milea.pickett@dc.gov)
    Media Specialist
  41. Phillips@mail.com
    Marisa LaPiana (marisa.lapiana@dc.gov)
    SY17-18 Senior Educator (ECE)
  42. Phillips@mail.com
    Officer Williams and Officer Woodard
  43. Phillips@mail.com
    Ms. Shaw, Mrs. Wye, Ms. Johnson
    Food and Nutrition
  44. Phillips@mail.com
    Tydren Sullivan (tydren.sullivan@dc.gov)
    LEAP literacy coach
  45. Phillips@mail.com
    Kelly Crayton (kelly.crayton@dc.gov)
    3rd-5th Social Studies
  46. Phillips@mail.com
    Dane Jefferson (dane.jefferson@dc.gov)
    3rd-5th Science
  47. Phillips@mail.com
    Erica Nichols (erica.nichols@dc.gov)
    Art Teacher
  48. Phillips@mail.com
    Jean Tcheffo (jean.tcheffo@dc.gov)
    French Teacher
  49. Phillips@mail.com
    Omar McGann (omar.mcgann@dc.gov)
    Physical Education
  50. Phillips@mail.com
    Keeta Jones (keeta.jones@dc.gov)
    Music Teacher/department chair